Tyneside East Timor Solidarity

Welcome to the Tyneside East Timor Solidarity Web site. Tyneside Solidarity has been working directly with communities in East Timor, th
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e UK and Portugal since 1996.


In solidarity with the East Timorese people, we act as a pressure group trying to facilitate the development of East Timor in keeping with the wishes of the majority.


During the occupation Timorese activists found ways of escaping what was virtually a prison camp. Several came to Britain to raise awareness of the Indonesian invasion and of Britainís involvement in the violation of their people. Britain was responsible for propping up the Indonesian military by supplying weapons and monetary aid.


Many of the activists who came to Tyneside were from the Los Palos area, indeed Narciso Jose-Manuel, from the village of Mehara, Los Palos, lived in Winlaton for nearly 5 years. Because of this Tyneside Solidarity has an special affinity with the people of the Los Palos area.


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